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Vascular Diseases

Today vascular diseases are likely to top the list of the most widespread diseases in the world clinical experience. Clinics in Germany deal with the most complicated vascular disorders.

The Clinical Center of Friedrichshafen in Germany offers local and foreign patients highly efficient treatment of any disease. The vascular surgery clinic is headed by Malte Herbrich, M.D., specializing in phlebology, vascular and endovascular surgery since 1989. Blood vessel disease therapy and vascular surgery is the major domain of specialization. Featuring supreme medical equipment, highly professional and educated medical personnel, our center allows achieving excellent results in any vascular disease treatment in Germany.

Lymphatic system pathologies and vascular diseases

The vascular surgery department of the Medical Center of Friedrichshafen offers a wide range of services in angiosurgery for the following vascular disease treatment:

  • Venous and arterial inflammation;
  • Varicose veins treatment;
  • Arterial thrombosis and embolia - the blood supply disturbance in limbs due to vessels blocking;
  • Aneurysm of any localization caused by stretching and thinning of the vessel’s walls.
  • Atherosclerosis is characterized by firmness, the loss of vessel elasticity and luminal occlusion that lead to blood supply problems;
  • Obliterating endarteritis, a vascular disease of lower limbs that causes progressing blood supply disturbance in feet. As a result of such disease the tissues do not get enough nutrition that can result in gangrene and amputation of lower limbs;
  • Varicosity is characterized by veins swelling and increasing in size, the loss of elasticity and vessel deformation. As a rule such disease affects subcutaneous veins in lower limbs or vascular plexus in the pelvic or straight intestine area;
  • Lymphedema - the abnormal development of lymphatic system that causes pathologic fluid collection in the body, swelling;
  • Telangiectasia - the vascular disease related to capillary vessels engorgement;
  • The abnormal development of vessels;
  • Vascular diseases related to microcirculation loss;
  • Diabetic angiopathy
  • Raynaud disease;
  • Other blood circulation disorders and vascular diseases.

Vascular diseases. The specialization of the Friedrichshafen Clinic

Using the newest, minimally invasive technologies, doctors in the Clinical center of Friedrichshafen perform vascular surgeries, such as:

  • Arterioplasty, including the surgeries on carotid artery;
  • Surgeries on the veins of lower limbs;
  • Surgeries on cerebro-cranial vessels;
  • Aortic aneurysm surgery;
  • Phlebologic surgeries;
  • Acute peripheral blood circulation disorders;
  • Aesthetic surgery in varicosity, vascular spiders and other vascular diseases that cause visual defects;
  • Endovascular therapy;
  • Interventional radiology;
  • Laser therapy;
  • Angiostenosis;

The treatment for vascular diseases also includes after-surgery rehab program.

Vascular diseases. The surgical treatment methods in the Friedrichshafen Clinic

The doctors in Clinical center of Friedrichshafen apply innovational sparing treatment technologies that practically do not have any contra indications and postoperative complications. They help to reduce the rehabilitation course dramatically.

Vascular diseases. Treatment. Stenting and balloon angioplasty

The current method is an optimal treatment for the vascular permeability disorders. Such disorders include occlusion or stenosis. During the surgery a balloon is put into the narrowed vein area that enlarges the vessel lumen. Often after the restoration of vascular permeability the pathologic area is enforced by a stent, a strut that fixates the vein in the optimal position to avoid elastic narrowing.

Vascular diseases. Treatment. Drainage and stenting of biliary tracts

The pressure on biliary ducts often leads to obstructive jaundice. This pathology can be caused by tumors that press on biliary ducts while growing. A drainage method of treatment implies the puncture of liver tissue to remove the inspissated bile using catheter. After this the duct is strengthened by the grid stent that will eliminate vessel compression.

Vascular diseases. Treatment. Thrombolysis in the Friedrichshafen Clinic

Thrombolysis is an alternative approach in vascular disease treatment. It is used for fighting thrombogenesis and allows saving veins, avoiding venotomy. This method implies injecting thrombolytic agents into the area of thrombosis formation by catheter and dissolving the “plug”.

Vascular diseases. Treatment. Vena Cava Filter installation in the Friedrichshafen Clinic

Thrombembolia is highly dangerous for life. It may lead to death, if the thromb gets into lungs. To eliminated this the German specialists practice the installation of Vena Cava Filter directly into the vein. Cava filter is the finest umbrella-shaped grid filter that catches fetched thrombs and emboluses without affecting the blood flow.

Vascular problems. Treatment. Embolization in the Friedrichshafen Clinic

The current method is applied for the following conditions:

  • The diseases that are accompanied with hidden bleeding (intestinal, hemorrhoidal, gastric or uterine);
  • The diseases related to the lymphotrophy of malignant tumors (cancerous tumors, fibromas, hemangiomas);
  • The risk of pathologic bleeding (aneurysm, varicocele, angiodysplasia);

This surgery implies occlusion of the vessel using special medications and instruments:

  • Sclerosant;
  • Cylinder;
  • Spiral;
  • Particles;
  • Balloon;
  • Gelatine sponge.

Embolization is not a surgical intervention. It is performed with the aim of catheter. The treatment implies preventing the blood supply to specific body structures to decrease tumor size, stop bleeding or block aneurysms.

The Clinic of Friedrichshafen will definitely meet your expectation and is always going to help. It is worth calling us and getting the first information.

Vascular Diseases

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AN 2018-02-03 / 11:37

Dear Dr. Thorsten Lehmann!
I have а problems with my legs (varicose). Can I pass a treatment at Your clinic. In addition please be informed, that I have BUPA international medical insurance.
Awaiting to Yours quick response.

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