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Kidney diseases

The department of urology and nephrology of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany provides treatment for a vast range of genitourinary system diseases. The head of the department is Prof. DM Wilhelm Esser-Bartels, M.D., specialized in urology, nephrology, oncological urology and andrology.

Kidney disease treatment in Germany: minimally invasive surgery

Friedrichshafen center in Germany offers minimally invasive surgical methods of kidney disease treatment. They reduce the risks of post-operative complications, speed up the recovery process. Instead of dissecting the soft tissues a surgeon makes 2-6 punctures up to 1 cm in diameter. All manipulations with laparoscopic instruments and camera are performed via these small incisions.

Our clinic in Germany offers ultra-modern kidney cancer treatment. Da Vinci robot allows performing highly precise kidney surgery with minimal traumatization. A surgeon can see the tissues highly magnified on the screen, performing precise manipulations by robot's instruments.

Kidney Decapsulation

The doctors of our clinic in Germany apply kidney decapsulation for the diseases like acute pyelonephritis and paranephritis. These diseases are accompanied with renal pressure boost. That is why a surgeon removes the organ's fibrous capsule that improves the blood flow and lymph drainage.

Nephrotomy in kidney diseases

Nephrotomy is indicated for kidney stones treatment. Such treatment implies the dissection of organ's parenchyma. Total nephrotomy is used in the treatment of big coral stones formations, while the partial nephrotomy is applied to remove small concretions that require an incision in specific part of a kidney. After removing the stone deposits are removed, a surgeon closes the kidney tissue leaving the drainage tube.

Pyelotomy in kidney disease treatment

This technique is used in Germany for the treatment of concretions in kidney pelvis or minor calyx. There can be frontal, bottom, back and upper pyelotomy. The doctors define the disease localization and choose the proper surgery variant.

Nephrostomy in Friedrichshafen Clinic

Our doctors in Germany use nephrostomy as a treatment for a kidney stone disease and various kidney tumors. This surgery is aimed to restore the urine diversion by installing a special tube with one side outward. Our center offers puncture nephrostomy without discission of soft tissues.

Partial and radical nephrectomy in Friedrichshafen Clinic

This method is used as a treatment for such kidney diseases as tuberculosis, kidney stone disease, kidney tumors. Our doctors in Germany carefully tie up the vessels that feed up the kidney and then perform the organ resection (partial or total). The kidney parenchyma is sutured by absorbable sutures, a drainage is installed, and the patient is moved to a recovery room.

Nephropexy and entero-revascularization in Friedrichshafen Center

Nephropexy is used to restore the kidney position in its prolapse. Entero-revascularization is a surgery that helps to restore the kidney bloodstream in nephrogenic hypertony. It implies suspension of the nestis fragment with its vessels to the kidney to create the bypath renal blood flow.

Friedrichshafen center in Germany provides the best technical and scientific base to offer you numerous treatment methods for different kidney diseases. We will use our professionalism and experience on each stage of your therapy!

Kidney diseases

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Comments and questions

HA 2018-03-22 / 03:45

Hi, my brother have kidney failure and now it dialysis his cretina about 10. Can any better treatment in Germany to recover? Please help me, he is 28 year old.

MS 2018-01-26 / 19:38

I am 23 year old patient of chronic reanal failure since 2007 and on dialysis from 2012. On october 2017 my right leg fracture hip bone. I was operated in Faisalabad, but due to complication or necligency it dose not healed. After two month on december 2017 my left leg hip bone also fractured. I operated it from lahore, but due to weak bones there will an other fracture of left leg. Now I am totaly on bed. I am form Pakistan, help me please!

HF 2018-01-03 / 05:40

I live in America. I am in stage 4 kidney disease due to my high blood pressure. My kidneys are 18% working. I want to came to Germany for treatment. Is there anything you can help me save my kidneys. Thanks please let me know.

VS 2017-12-31 / 17:22

My creatinine is 5.6. Is it any medication to keep that way for now. I'm on waiting list now. Thank you very much.

FM 2017-12-27 / 21:42

Would like to inquire about your ability to provide diagnosis and treatment for young male patient with chronic kidney diseas stage V.

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