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Laparoscopic prostatectomy

All kinds of urological and urooncological pathologies are professionally treated in the urology department of the Friedrichshafen clinic in Germany. The widely spread way of prostate cancer treatment in its early stages is surgery is laparoscopic prostatectomy Germany. They extraction of benign tumor (only in the case of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP), and total removal of the prostate gland (in case of prostate cancer in its advanced stage) are carried out at the top professional level with computer-assisted technologies.

Laparoscopic prostatectomy can be conducted in several ways - so called "open" access (with full anteroventral incision) and minimally invasive access (laparoscopy). The latter technique is a golden standard in prostatectomy in the clinics of Germany.

Approximately 3000 laparoscopic operations on the prostate gland are performed in the clinic of Friedrichshafen in Germany each year.

Laparoscopic prostatectomy. Information about the surgery

Endoscopes are introduced to the place of the operation through 2 skin punctures. One of them has optical system, another one - surgical instruments. This method allows removal of benign prostatic hyperplasia using a laser or special scalpels. Only the skin and subcutaneous fat integrity is violated in this case, and the anteroventral muscles stay untouched, small tube diameter allows to pull them apart. In fact, the operation is conducted through these tubes. The intervention is performed with almost intact abdominal wall, in closed body cavity. Along with that, surgeons state that the intervention conditions are more comfortable in this case, in particular, the access area is increased by 10-15 times. The risk of blood loss is much smaller.

A surgeon has an opportunity to operate much more accurately, thoroughly, without rush because laparoscopic prostatectomy is less traumatic and no risk of blood loss. In its turn, it decreases the risk of nerves, vessels and pelvic floor muscles damaging. The pain syndrome is not so obviously present during the surgery and the patient returns to normal life faster at the postoperational period.

The Accuracy of the Da Vinci Robot during the laparoscopic prostatectomy

Modern robotics called daVinci has been implemented at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen in Germany since 2009. Laparoscopic prostatectomy with the help of the daVinci robot is conducted by the human remote control. Surgeon-operator sits at the control panel and works with special levers for each hand and pedals for legs. These moves within the laparoscopic prostatectomy are recognized by the sensors and transmitted to the computer and then reach instruments of the operational area through special cords. Surgeon-assistant is near the patient in the sterile zone. There are many surgical instruments and optical devices in the arsenal of the daVinci robot to perform laparoscopic prostatectomy.

The surgeon-operator sees a three-dimensional image with up to 10 times enlargement of its original size of the operational field. The three dimensions are created by the simultaneous work of three parallel installed cameras, which boosts the efficiency of laparoscopic prostatectomy. On the first day after laparoscopic prostatectomy with the help of the daVinci robot, it is allowed to get up, the patient gets some food.

Anastomosis hermeticity between urinary bladder and urethra is checked up 6-7 days after the prostate surgery. The patient should undergo X-ray photography with contrasting substances. About 87% of patients can remove catheter, others will have to stay with it for some longer time after prostatectomy.

After laparoscopic prostatectomy is extremely low, haematomas and sutures failure are the most common but their sizes are much smaller that usual. The patient usually rehabilitates very quickly and can get back to normal life after a short period of time. The ability to hold urine is restored in 98% of our clinic's patients in Germany.

The advantages of laparoscopic prostatectomy with the da Vinci robot

In short, all the advantages of laparoscopic prostatectomy with the help of the daVinci robot can be listed as follows:

  • smaller pain;
  • smaller blood loss;
  • smaller risk of infection complications;
  • more chances to maintain potency and ability to hold urine;
  • manipulation accuracy, small scars;
  • fast rehabilitation after the surgery.

The price of laparoscopic prostatectomy is 10,000 EUR (not including the cost of rehabilitation and diagnostics). About 4 days are needed for the surgical laparoscopic treatment.

The specialists of the Friedrichshafen clinic will consult you on all questions related to the prostate surgery, particularly laparoscopic. If you face the necessity of laparoscopic prostatectomy, don't give way to despair and don't compromise. The professionals of our clinic in Germany will carry out efficient treatment and will allow getting back to your normal life in a week.

Laparoscopic prostatectomy

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