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Prostate cancer treatment

The cancer centers and clinics in Germany are leaders on the global list when it comes to quality of cancer treatment. Prostate cancer treatment depends upon the type of disease and location of cancer. It can be either localized, locally advanced or advanced. The task of a doctor is to determine if the disease spread outside of the prostate or not, and thus to define the optimal method of prostate treatment. The advanced stage of the disease affects other parts of the body as well.

The person can choose the type of prostate therapy when discussing the condition with a doctor. Treatment should be performed under careful doctor’s supervision.

Much depends upon the type of treatment. It determines the efficacy of therapy in the future. The best result is when you do not need any medication any longer, though this does not happen frequently.

The doctor advises an active surveillance in the case of slow-growing prostate. When that happens, there are almost no changes in the organism and the disease does not progress. The doctor should constantly monitor the condition of the patient. Cancer disease therapy affects a person’s life dramatically and it is important to avoid possible side effects.

Radical prostatectomy is appointed when prostate gland should be removed chirurgically. This treatment as well as laparoscopic prostatectomy is suitable only when the person has cancer, which does not affect any other organs, but prostate.

Alternatively eternal beam radiotherapy can be applied to get rid of cancer. X-ray beams are applied to damage the cancer cells. It is done to prevent them from growing. There is no universal solution for cancer treatment. The doctor can appoint just external beam therapy or apply it after prostate cancer surgery. Combination of different methods can be used effectively to achieve the goal. The person looks how the body reacts to different procedures and chooses the ones that work for sure.

Cancer cells can be destroyed by temporary brachytherapy. The essence of medication is application of high dose rate radiation for a few minutes. The other term for it is high dose rate brachytherapy.

Different method is used in HIFU. HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound. It destroys damaging cancer cells via heating. The method has not been explored in the long term yet. For this reason, this treatment is applied as a part of clinical trial.

Opposing to HIFU, cryotherapy belongs to cancer treatment that works by means of freezing and thawing. The goal of the method is to kill the cells of the disease in the prostate. Other terms for the disease is cryosurgery, cryotherapy. This treatment is innovative and requires additional research. It is available only in some medical centres at present.

Hormone therapy is an additional type of therapy that helps to relieve the condition of the patient. It is not able to cure cancer and applied for control only. Use it for management of symptoms.

Chemotherapy is one of the most wide-spread therapies applied nowadays. The patient takes anti-cancer drugs to destroy the cancer cells. This prostate treatment will not rid you of the disease, but this can be an effective way to delay the symptoms. Patients can prolong life considerably.

Apart from methods mentioned here, there are other treatments that do not let cancer spread. Some of them are under clinical trials now. Medical research is conducted to determine how to diagnose, prevent and treat the disease. Many people participate in research. As a result of it, one of the best cancer treatment can be found.

Our state-of-the-art prostate clinics in Germany work effectively to provide prostate removal. The treatment is run under the direction of world class specialists in accordance with the latest scientific findings. All foreign patients can get excellent medical care. Foreign patients stay in the atmosphere of comfortable environment and are provided with everything necessary for treatment.

Prostate cancer treatment, practiced in our clinic, shows great result. Even patients with advanced tumours demonstrate high rate of survival. Due to the new technological and scientific methods and modern equipment we are ready to help you to overcome the dangerous disease.

Prostate cancer treatment

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Comments and questions

Jeff Walsh Sun, 20 Jan 19:04

Diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate cancer metastasis to spine, ribs, and pelvis!!! Do you have any treatments that could cure???

salah sallam mohsen Tue, 23 Oct 13:49

My case is psa7 Gleason scor7 and grad 2a. 60 years old am a consultant of gynae & obst from Cairo. I need a minimal invasive suitable type of treatment please am waiting your reply no insurance.

kamal Wed, 28 Mar 17:47

Dear Sir
I am 63 diagnosed with prostate cancer Gleason 3+3 I am on active surveillance
last TRUS biopsy was about 8 month I need to do another biopsy is it done at your facility and how much is it cost including the histopathology it is done here in Alexandria Egypt as an outpatient procedure is that so at your hospital
thank you

charles Comer Sat, 10 Mar 15:39

Can I get a lupron injection in Germany. I will be living in the Kaiserslautern area. I have prostate cancer.

Les Kwasik Tue, 06 Feb 19:45

I need a radical prostatectomy (prefer Da Vinci). I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in a a very early stage. Doctor recommendation: radical laparoscopic prostatectomy. In Canada waiting time is about 5 months. How long is waiting time in your clinic and estimated all inclusive cost (in euro)?
Les Kwasik

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