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Uterus cancer treatment at the Friedrichshafen clinic

Uterus cancer is one of the most common malignant diseases that affect the female reproductive system. It can lead to serious health problems such as infertility or even cause death. That's why it is very important to get professional help timely.

The certified center of gynecological oncology in Friedrichshafen, Germany is one of the leading medical institutions providing uterus cancer treatment. The head of the department is Dr. Hans-Walter Vollert. This clinic features the most up-to-date technical equipment that allows performing high-quality diagnostics and treatment. Professionals with an extensive experience in the area of gynecological oncology help patients to return to a normal and healthy life.

New solutions

The newest achievements in the area of medical technologies allow the specialists of the Friedrichshafen clinic to perform highly effective treatment of malignant diseases of the female reproductive system. Such revolutionary technologies include e.g. DaVinci robotic system that allows avoiding traditional surgical interventions and is, therefore, less traumatic for the patient.

DaVinci robotic system, which can be used for the surgical treatment of uterus cancer, consists of two major elements - a stand with robotized arms and an operation board. During the surgery operation instruments, e.g. endoscope, are put inside the patient's body via very small incisions. A surgeon stands near the operation board, controlling the robot with precision to the millimeter.

DaVinci system is recognized as a significant breakthrough in the area of minimally invasive surgery, as it provides access to hard-to-reach organs. There are the following advantages:

  • this surgery is less traumatic for the patient, the extent of blood loss and postoperative pains decrease considerably;
  • the risk of postoperative infection or complications is minimized;
  • High-definition 3D-imaging provides a surgeon with control over the whole process of operative intervention.

It stands to mention that the Friedrichshafen clinic is one of a few medical centers in Germany that use DaVinci system in treating urologic and oncologic diseases of the female reproduction organs, e.g. uterus cancer.

Methods of uterus cancer treatment

In the Friedrichshafen clinic the treatment of uterus cancer is performed with the use of modern methods. Depending on the stage and histopathological character of the tumor, the following approaches may be considered:

  • uterus cancer surgery - innovative technologies such as laser or cryogenic surgery allow removing malignant tumors in the initial stages of their development, thus saving the reproductive ability of the patient. More advanced stages may require uterus resection. It may be conducted by means of ultrasound amputation or with the help of the DaVinci robotic system;
  • radiation therapy - the irradiation of malignant cells can be performed as a primary treatment or as an addition to operative treatment of uterus cancer. The internal beam-therapy (brachytherapy) is considered to be one of the most efficient methods of uterus cancer treatment;
  • chemotherapy - in combination with local radiotherapy, chemotherapy can be used for uterus cancer treatment on advanced stages.

It is worth mentioning that today the diagnosis "uterus cancer" is not a death's verdict anymore. The treatment of this disease, performed in specialized cancer centers and clinics in Germany, brings success in more than 80% of cases. Such a high rate became possible due to the excellent technical equipment of hospitals and the experience of the specialists, who constantly improve their qualification. For more information please contact us under the number +49 7541 978 27 51 or via the email .

Uterus cancer treatment

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MB 2018-07-14 / 12:46

Hello, I am in process of moving to permanently moving to Germany from the UK. I am currently a UK resident, but I am in process of moving to Germany. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, on 12 July 2018. I would like to discuss with you a treatment plan. On the 13 July 2018, I have attended a local hospital in UK for chem urea- electrolytes blood test in UK. I would like to know the private cost of this treatment. I am trying to find out more information, about treatments in Germany. I found a house to rent in Suderberg Germany. I am learning german and i only speak english.

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